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Brenda Shaeffer, DPT

Body Reset System by Brenda Shaeffer, DPT, Physical Therapist

Body Reset System by Brenda Shaeffer, DPT, Physical Therapist

Body Reset System by Brenda Shaeffer, DPT, Physical TherapistBody Reset System by Brenda Shaeffer, DPT, Physical Therapist

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CALL : 443-510-1746

Please  leave a voicemail, or text this number so that we can help you as soon as possible. Calls are returned  by the next regular business day.  See hours below

Contact your Physician, 911 or Emergency Department if there is an emergency.

EMAIL: pt@brendashaeffer.com

Email is the preferred contact method to request an appointment. 


CONTACT US  with a message below.  Please include the days/ times you are most available for a first visit. Please see the published office hours in the "CONTACT US" tab so that we can help match both the urgency of your needs and the times that you are available to quickly get you started toward finding solutions.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Our team will respond to your inquiry within the next business day.  

Calls, messages and emails are returned Monday - Friday during regular business hours.  


How do you schedule a Virtual Visit?

1. Text or call: 443-510-1746 

2. Email: pt@brendashaeffer.com 

3. Message on “contact us” page on www.brendashaeffer.com 

4. Ann Andrews, Patient Experience Manager,  will respond ASAP, but definitely,  within the next business day (M-F 8am-4:30 pm), to schedule your visit.

5. When an agreed date and time are determined, a Virtual Visit will bbe scheduled with your therapist. You will receive a text or email appointment verification (we prefer text so that you are opening the VV on your phone which allows you to move around and show us what is happening and practice exercises and activities without the cumbersome computer). Simply click on the URL sent in your VV text at the time scheduled and you will enter a virtual waiting room until your designated time. Make sure that your sound volume is turned on.

6. If you are having an emergency please contact your Physician or other urgent care resource or call 911 if needed.

Required Information when requesting a scheduled e-visit: Check List

1. Name (please spell last name if calling)

2. Last date seen by physical therapy in this company

3. BEST email or phone number to use

4. Type of help you are seeking: assessment, review of home exercises, and or other (please explain)

5. Which licensed Physical Therapy professional you are requesting: Brenda Shaeffer, DPT or Brandy Bartley, BS, PTA (you MUST have seen Brenda within 30 days or sooner before this scheduled visit occurs)

6. Urgency AND availability for the e-visit: Please schedule when you have a quiet space and time. It might be helpful to have another person available to operate your phone if you are using this for transmitting the e-visit so the demonstration and assessment of your issues and solutions can be viewed effectively by the physical therapy personnel.

Once scheduled, expect to receive a confirmation message 24 hours in advance of your appointment.


LOCATION:  click on address for map

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Office Hours: 443-510-1746


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