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Brenda Shaeffer, DPT

Brenda Shaeffer Physical Therapy

What To expect


Initial Visit

  • Review, clarify verify the reason you are at the session and the goals you expect to reach.
  • Review injury, medical and other history including reports (please make sure I have all your forms completed in advance so we only need to review, go over for the first time) and previous approaches to remedy your issues and who is in your solution team.
  • ​You will be assessed by Dr Brenda Shaeffer including all extremities, spine and all systems involved which may include muscle testing, mobility and sensory, balance, walking, running, day to day activities and sport and other activity specific testing to ensure that your plan to implement is most appropriate. Please be prepared to have equipment with you and or pictures or description which is specific to your issue to help the most realistic assessment of your abilities. 
  • Review of findings and plan of action and adjustment of goals discussion as necessary.
  • Beginning of treatment as time allows.
  • Members of your solution team are welcome to attend and record your session to enhance your understanding and follow up sessions.

Follow Up Visits

  • At the end of your first visit, we will determine how long and how your goal(s) will be reached and how often you would benefit from coming to the sessions and what you could do on your own and with your other team members to expedite reaching these goals.  
  • Each follow up visit has the same, but shorter, abbreviated versions of the initial sessions, but organized the same to keep consistent and allows the goals to be advanced and modified and tools to accomplish the goals changed as necessary.  You are encouraged always to communicate any concerns or questions between sessions via email or phone to ensure appropriate performance of your activities you are assigned.