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Brenda Shaeffer, DPT

Body Reset System by Brenda Shaeffer, DPT, Physical Therapist

Body Reset System by Brenda Shaeffer, DPT, Physical Therapist

Body Reset System by Brenda Shaeffer, DPT, Physical TherapistBody Reset System by Brenda Shaeffer, DPT, Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy Sessions

One on one or group sessions are available with Dr. Brenda Shaeffer, licensed physical therapist, and doctor of physical therapy and with her Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Brandy Bartley.   They recognize the body functions as three interconnected systems and help you reach your optimal potential. getting you back to what you want to do instead of being defined by what you cannot do is the goal. Rethinking the issues, then recognizing the why and finally resetting the body in a measurable a realistic goal oriented implemented plan will result in success.

Brenda Shaeffer, DPT has over 40 years of clinical experience, Brandy Bartley, BS, PTA over 10 years in orthopedics, sports, post surgical rehab, work performance, manual therapies. biomechanical evaluations and neuro- muscular movement training. 

Your goals are their priority and a team approach with your other solutions team members is an important element to your success. Making your goals and plan of care relevant to your activities is essential to reach your optimal potential.

Pain issues, new or recurring, frustration with a  performance plateau in sports or work and or needing a pre or post surgical exercises are all therapy programs that Dr Shaeffer and Brandy Bartley have extensive experience. In addition they have worked with all types of injury rehabilitation and injury prevention for feet, and all arms, legs and spine.  

Every session starts with a reassessment, review of any questions, concerns, then goal update and where we are toward the finish line, then treatment which varies each time depending upon assessment findings. The sessions vary in length from 15-45 minutes generally. They always include a review of what you will be responsible to do to maintain or improve the gains made during that session.  Other solution team member you might have (trainers, coaches, family members, massage therapist, etc.) are always welcome to come to the sessions without asking me first, (however your session time will be the same as scheduled unless you contact the office prior to the session) and they are welcome to record the session as you permit them to do so.

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Treatment can be virtual, in office, at your sport or workplace.  Individual or group assessments, education and treatment.

Treatment Methods


Biomechanical Evaluation: Full Body including Foot/Ankle,

Athletic Performance & Injury/re-injury Risk Assessment,

Neuromuscular Movement Training, Balance Training , Education

Exercise/ Strengthening, Running Analysis, Kineseotaping,

Work Task Analysis/ Ergonomic/Performance Redesign & Consultation,

Manual Therapies: Myofascial Techniques - Dry Needling, Joint Mobilization